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We are Ehega Bioenergy, a pioneering start-up primarily invested in the production of bio-energy from invasive water  hyacinth in the form of affordable fuel briquettes and providing durable energy saving stoves.

Our Product

At Ehega, we manufacture easy to use, affordable and consistent quality briquettes for domestic and institutional cooking as well as industrial heating processes.

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Our Story

Utilizing one problem to solve another

Uganda’s energy sector is dominated by biomass energy with firewood and charcoal contributing to about 85% of the  energy consumption. The raw materials for the aforementioned fuels are primarily trees; these have been cut down to  meet the energy demand and the charcoal production process is 30% efficient which implies that such energy sources  are among the largest contributors to deforestation and climate change since they are not as renewable compared to  other existing biomass. 

However, already existing biomass like water hyacinth with a higher regenerative capacity (water hyacinth doubles  its height within 14 days) can be used to provide feedstock for fuel production with minimal input and harvesting  hyacinth possesses no detrimental effects to the environment. Attaching commercial value to this invasive plant creates  an economic impact on the onshore communities engaged in the harvesting process. 


Affordable & Accessible

Highly Renewable

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

"I can not believe I cooked for the whole day with just 1,500shs!"
Martin Assimwe, UCU Student
“The briquette burns longer than usual charcoal. I wish you could make small size of charcoal stoves and briquettes for smaller families”
Henry- Head chef, Children’s Den Kindergarten-Entebbe
“I made porridge for my kids, prepared lunch and spent the entire afternoon boiling water because the briquette took a long time to burn out. I advise people to plan their cooking to fit in 7 hours”

Mama Trisha, Charcoal Vendor-Gerenge Landing site

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