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Quality can be defined as fit for purpose, however, society utilizes energy for various functions; Our role is to understand your need and develop energy solutions that meet your functionality.  

The Ehega Narrative

Kampala alone consumes over 200,000 metric tons of charcoal every year and it is important to understand that for every tree cut down to produce charcoal, utmost 30% can be converted to usable charcoal.

Efforts have been put in place to combat deforestation as a result of charcoal production, however, the solutions that have been availed can not successfully compete with charcoal trade due to affordability, accessibility, scalability. Ehega energy provides a whole new outlook by providing an alternative feedstock for making charcoal briquette production.

The use of hyacinth generates revenue for communities involved in harvesting, a cost saver for government that is engaged in hyacinth harvesting and provides a cheaper source of biomass fuel. 



Revenue generation for society involved in Hyacinth harvesting.

Cost Saving

Efforts to combat hyacinth are costly to governments.


Fast growth of Hyacinth ensures scale and reliability.


Kitchen Stoves

Ehega Cookstoves offer a whole some cooking experience. They come in 3 major sizes, that is, small( for smaller families of 2-3 people), medium(4-8 people) and institutional stoves. Our stoves are defined by;



Our Honeycomb briquettes register an effective burning time of 6 hours. They are characterized as;



Ehega Manufacturing

All the machinery used in our production line are designed and built inhouse by our  team, this ensures that we can distribute our technology at a relatively cheaper cost. Ehega manufacturing spans across;

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